Monthly Archives: January 2018

Increasing Emotional Awareness

By DSAdmin | emotional , freedom , habits , health , positivity , self-care , self-esteem , StrongBlackWoman

Emotional awareness is something you may have experienced before – knowing you’re in a bad mood, knowing you’re excited, knowing you’re uncomfortable or “triggered”, you know how it is. We deal with our emotions all day long, right? But there is a second step to your emotional awareness that some people never think about. In […]

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Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

By DSAdmin | Affirmation , appreciation , emotional , freedom , gratitude , healthy , positivity , self-care , self-esteem , StrongBlackWoman , Thankfulness

My attitude reflects a heart filled with appreciation for the things I have, my strength (emotional and physical), and my prosperity. I am humbled whenever I count my blessings because I know that there are many who are in less fortunate situations…who don’t enjoy the centeredness and groundedness I enjoy…who don’t yet know how to […]

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