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Maintaining Your Inspiration and Motivation

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When it comes to getting things accomplished, motivation can be hard to come by. Yet, motivation is exactly what is needed. A small amount of motivation is required to do small, simple things, like brushing your teeth. Bigger tasks require more motivation to complete. But how do you create and sustain motivation when you have […]

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Finding Fulfillment Through Spirituality and Peace

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My path in life is clearer when I maintain an inner spiritual connection. Spirituality is a journey that brings incomparable peace to my life and I endeavor to remain on this journey throughout the course of each day. I take a few moments each morning to close my eyes and do some soul-searching. I am […]

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Strengthening Your Belief in Yourself

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It may sound strange, but the one person you’ll always have in your life is you. In order to have an existence that’s peaceful yet exciting and fulfilling, it’s important to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you know that you have the ability to handle anything that life throws your way. You […]

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6 Signs You Worry Too Much About What Others Think of You

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As much as we’d like to show that we don’t care about what others think about us, we do. Some people are so pre-occupied with it, they seldom take part in things they like. Whether it’s the feeling of embarrassment, or the fear of being laughed at, caring too much only holds us back from […]

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Offering Spiritual Guidance to Help Others Experience Peace

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Even when, and especially when you don’t feel as if you are qualified to offer spiritual guidance to others, you absolutely ARE. The depth and breadth of your experiences – even if they are ones you wouldn’t recommend to others – can help guide others toward peace in their own lives. Read the affirmation below, […]

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Why We Care What Others Think of Us

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Long ago, when our ancestors shared the planet with woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, no one wanted to get left behind. Being included in the group was necessary for survival. Today, our greatest predatory threat is our own species – physically, emotionally and socially. Regardless of this threat shift, the need for acceptance—and the fear […]

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StrongBlackWomen: Making Important Changes in Your Life

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One thing you can depend on in life is that there will be change. Change, although often seen as stressful, can actually help you get over some hurdles and move ahead with your life. Yet, instituting change can be quite challenging. How can you go about bringing a much-desired change to your life? Use one […]

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Your Daily Self Motivating Regimen to Achieve Greater Success

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How much of your time do you spend seeking motivation from external factors? How often do you get it and how long does it last? Your typical experience is probably that external motivation has an expiration date. You can look at a successful person and feel motivated by their success. But what happens when you […]

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