5 Positive Emotions To Nurture In Your Life as You Heal

Positive emotions are, well, positive! And it stands to reason you want lots of positive / beneficial / empowering emotion in your life. You’ll be happier and more satisfied with your life if it’s filled with positive things, rather than negative or even neutral things – for StrongBlackWomen, positivity is critical to good health in every area. A lack of positive emotion will make it harder to be your strongest, most creative, and your best.

Here are the five of the most important positive emotions to try to create and nurture in your everyday life. If you work on bringing more of these emotions into your life, you’ll end up more resilient, happier, more at peace, and ultimately, you’ll gain more control over your overall emotional state and be a healthier StrongBlackWoman.

  1. Gratitude – Gratitude means that you appreciate where you are in life – where you live, the friends you have, the family that loves you, your employment / business… everything. It’s super easy to turn a bad day around when you think of what you enjoy that many do not. Practicing daily gratitude helps you stay focused on the positive, and helps center your emotions around positivity, rather than negativity. You can practice gratitude internally, and externally too by telling and showing those you love that you appreciate them.
  2. Hope – Hope is the feeling and the knowing that everything is going to work out. It’s a peaceful, inspiring and empowering feeling that tells you that even though things may be difficult right now, it’s just a temporary situation and not a permanent problem. Hope isn’t a feeling of luck – it’s a level of and expression of faith that if you take the right actions, you’ll be rewarded by the outcome.
  3. Love – True unconditional love is a rare, special, and simply wonderful feeling. When you can love unconditionally, it frees you from many negative emotions, including jealousy, envy, and frustration. When you receive unconditional love, you feel safe, cared for, peaceful, and confident. And when you’re open to receiving unconditional love, you allow another person to know what it’s like to release negative feelings and just feel love.
  4. Inspiration – Inspiration is a feeling that can come from inside us or it can be triggered by experiences outside us. A person, experience, or situation can move us toward powerful, positive emotions and make us want to take action toward our own dreams and goals. Inspiration is wonderful motivator, pushing us to perform better and do greater things in our own lives.
  5. Joy – Joy is a moment of pure, unfettered happiness. Joy allows us to feel light and fulfilled, vibrant and content. It helps us feel uninhibited and unrestrained as if we can accomplish anything.

Creating and encouraging these five emotions in your life will allow you more freedom to accomplish those big goals and dreams, and enjoy the entire journey on the way. These emotions are best utilized in giving them to others or helping others experience them with us – so share the emotional wealth!