Are We Even Capable of Personal Transformation?

By Dianne M. Daniels | Achievement

People seem to want positive changes in their lives. We either want a new career, to be able to lose weight, or simply do something different we’ve never done before – like create and manifest a dynamic, intriguing, vivacious and authentic life.

We want to be successful at achieving a positive personal transformation that will stick. But is it even possible for us to transform?

Think about the number of times you’ve made New Year’s resolutions. Were any of them successful? Many people simply stop making them because they know it’s an exercise in futility. You also have those who try over and over again to lose weight – I was one of those people. People – Me, specifically –  try diet after diet, extreme solution after extreme solution, and after a few months,  gained most of the pounds back again.

On the other end of the spectrum are people who have overcome major obstacles and have thrived, often never looking back from their new situations. Because you’re reading this article, I’m convinced that statement applies to you. You’ve already made positive changes in your life, changed and improved your mindset, and you’re here because you want to keep the progress going.

Perhaps some of us are wired differently than others?

Most people – indeed, I believe the vast majority of people – are capable of transforming their lives. If that weren’t true, you’d have a lot fewer success stories in the world. It depends on how badly people want to make changes. Sometimes, people simply aren’t ready for a change.

Your environment also plays a huge role in determining success in implementing short and long-term changes. Staying involved with negative-thinking people who discourage change is going to make it very difficult to succeed. If you truly want to transform, align yourself with people who want to help you succeed.

People are different. Some people can create transformations easily and without any help or encouragement from others. They have strong wills and keep going until the change becomes part of their lives. Others need more help and encouragement.

Your upbringing is probably going to be a factor in how well you adapt to change. If your parents preferred the status quo, you may find it difficult to implement changes at first. But what I want you to bear in mind is, there are plenty of people who break away from the mold of their families, friends and personal circle, and make changes in spite of the people in their lives that might actively (or passively) discourage them.

The best advice you should follow is never to give up. If something doesn’t work out, try something else or look at the situation in a different way. Learn from your mistakes and failures and continue until you are where you want to be. Determination and persistence are your biggest allies when making your transformations.

Never let anyone stand in your way of something you truly desire.

Granted, it’s never easy. If it were, everyone would easily accomplish the positive changes and change would not be scary. Believe that you can accomplish the changes and then GO TO WORK to make them happen. Set your new, positive habits in place, use affirmations to help reinforce your positive thinking, and keep on moving – remember, Baby Steps forward are STILL steps forward!

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