TIPS Report – Asking For What You Want

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“You need to ask for what you want - otherwise, no one will know that you are looking...”  
Dianne M. Daniels

Top Asking Tips


Be willing to give something yourself

If you are, it becomes much easier to ask for what you want. People feel the need to return the favor when they receive something. There will be people who take advantage, and the relationship is one-sided. But, most people will give what you ask for when you start the process by giving them something.


Confidence is a key factor

People often question whether they deserve to ask for what they want. This is the wrong approach - because we are often the toughest judges of ourselves! When you are confident, this becomes less of an issue because you not only deserve it but are entitled to it. When you approach what you want in this fashion, you increase your chances of people giving you what you want - exactly as you've explained it.


Avoid beating around the bush

Be direct, clear in your communication, and firm. People respect that more than waffling about and trying to "hint" at what you want. Think about when others ask you for something. The people who are direct will get what they want, all things being equal.

Asking For What You Want
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