Believe in Yourself Challenge – Day 10: Taking a Leap of Faith for Your Future

By DSAdmin | authentic

You have just started a new activity – a business, a new task at work, a new personal challenge – and you are excited. You no longer need to work all those hours for someone else, or struggle with that same-old-same-old life that made you feel stifled.

You’re making changes happen on your own. You’re the boss or your present, and your future, and your spouse / friends / co-workers are excited that you’re doing something you’ve always wanted to do.

Then, a few months pass, and your great start and momentum have slowed to a crawl, your enthusiasm has waned, and it’s looking like your dream might not come true after all.

Suddenly, you feel the stress of the big changes you attempted. Perhaps your business’ suppliers are calling asking for their money. You’ve already dwindled a good portion of your savings into the spending for your new venture, your advanced education, or that personal challenge you took on.

What may feel worse – your spouse / friends / co-workers are less confident, and they’re all suggesting that it might be time for you to throw in the towel. They are saying that you gave it your best shot, but it’s time to go back to your “safe” situation and stop trying so hard…

Many would follow this advice and let the new activity fold. However, people who make it – in business, in fitness, through personal challenges –  stick it out for one reason – they believe in what they are doing. They know that their concept will eventually work, and they’ll reach to goal they’ve been striving for. They just need to stick it out a little while longer.

It’s this resolve that allows them to succeed.

Of course, just putting in the time and doing busy work is not going to advance you toward your dream or goal. You need to have a solid foundation at the start. You should set up a roadmap that answers questions about how you will make your dream or goal work. You should treat this process as though you are going to raise outside money to make the dream work, even if you aren’t. Try to put yourself in the position of an investor and ask tough questions of yourself for your goal.

Consider making an alternative plan in case your main plan falls short of your goals. You might fail for any number of reasons – some having nothing to do with your personal effort – and having a backup plan is a wise move to counter any problems.

Once your foundation is in place, however, you simply need to take a leap of faith and believe that you can make it work. Believe that you can accomplish your goal. If anyone challenges you, such as your spouse or your friends, you’ll have the conviction to see it through because you believe in yourself.

There is no guarantee that you will succeed. However, there is a guarantee that you won’t succeed if you give up too soon. Often, success is right around the corner for those who have that conviction and are willing to continue despite all the challenges they face. You can be one of the few who makes it if you choose to take this route.

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