Best Resources for Personal Transformation

By Dianne M. Daniels | focus

When you are looking to reinforce or extend positive transformations in your life, having great resources can help you quickly move to the next level as you work to accomplish your goals. Check out the following references when you want to strengthen the changes you’ve already made, or to renew your determination to stick with positive habits and take them a step further.


Whether you are looking for a specific aspect of your life to transform or you simply want to learn more about the transformation process in general, take a look at Goodreads.com. While this website will often point you to Amazon and Kindle, it gives you further insight that may not be available directly on Amazon. It’s is a forum about books published on Amazon, and you can read reviews from other Goodreads members and get their impressions before buying. You can get a better feel for which books to target, and even some to avoid based on the reviews. Of course, you can certainly check out Amazon and other booksellers as well.

Trans 4 Mind

The tagline for this website is “Personal Development Resources”, though the website itself is more of a catalog of online books, podcasts, articles, courses, quote collections, and more that are available (mostly from Amazon). The good news is they are not using affiliate links to make money off of the recommendations. It is unclear whether the creators, Wallace Huey & Peter Shepherd, are using this website to endorse the authors whose work is listed here – still, it has value in seeing the various titles that are available in many facets of personal transformation. You can use this website as a starting point for other research.


It’s usually not recommended to use Wikipedia directly as a source. However, one great aspect of Wikipedia is the number of resources that it links to at the end of each article. In many articles, the number of links are extensive and usually quite relevant. It is another great resource to use as a stepping stone for other research, but as always, use it as a starting point for additional research.

Psychology Today

This website has several resources on transformation (Click to see links to search result). Keep in mind that many of the resources will be geared towards the transformation of negative behaviors such as anger management, stress reduction, etc. Important – do not expect to be “cured” from the information provided on this website. The goal of the site is to set you up with a qualified professional aimed at helping you in your transformation.


There are free and paid courses available on Udemy.com. It is worth taking a look at some of the free courses and then you can decide to try one or more paid ones after – perhaps from the same author! At the time of this writing, there are hundreds of courses – starting at under $13.00USD related to personal transformation.

If you are looking for a particular topic or area for transformation, use an advanced Google search with the operator “inurl:”. This operator makes sure the phrase is within the URL, which means the website is targeting that phrase. For instance, if you wanted information on how to stop smoking, try:

Inurl:stop smoking

I hope these resources help you along your personal transformation journey, and remember to check out the DivaStyle Courses page right here on the website. Feel free to send me an email if you have questions or if I can help further.R

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