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DivaStyle Life – Practice These Self Care Habits on a Daily Basis

Chances are part of your daily routine already consists of a few positive self-care habits and you may not even realize it. Do you take

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DivaStyle Life – Develop A Self Care Plan

Self-care isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of deal. Just as each person is unique, self-care plans should be individualized as well. When pursuing a plan for

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DivaStyle Life – Take Better Care of your Mind

An essential part of wellness and manifesting a DivaStyle Life is self-care. Technology has made leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, which is

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DivaStyle Life – Taking Care of Your Body and Your Physical Health

Living a successful DivaStyle Life requires that you take care of yourself – body, mind and spirit. There are multiple resources for taking care of

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DivaStyle Life – Types of Self Care

The incredible positive impact a self-care regimen can make on our lives should be clear from some of my previous posts – if you’d like

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DivaStyle Life – Feel the Benefits of Self Care

Effective self-care is much more than sneaking a very occasional indulgent pleasure or self-perceived excess. If this is your understanding and application of self-care, you

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DivaStyle Life – It’s Very Important To Practice Self Care

Self-care is much more than simply pampering yourself – however you define pampering. It’s more than spa treatments and such – much more! It’s you

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DivaStyle Life – What is Self Care?

We’ve begun a new month, are one step closer to the end of 2019, and in honor of all you’ve accomplished this year and what

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