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Use Your Wardrobe To Keep You Healthy

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“Your wardrobe is one of many lifestyle choices that can help you stay healthy. Choose wisely when it comes to clothing, shoes and bags with these tips”Dianne M. Daniels, CEO & Founder 5 Tips to Better Health with Your Clothing 1 Wear your correct / true sizeIt’s easy to get distracted regarding clothing sizes – […]

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I Set Aside Time for Physical Activity

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Taking Care of My Body Means Taking Time Out to Exercise Physical activity is important to me because it is the time when I take care of my body. Each day, I give so much to so many people, so taking time out to exercise and do something good for myself brings me great pleasure. […]

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Leave Your Couch Potato Label Behind and Start Loving Your Life

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If you’ve had enough of your “Couch Potato” label, you may have also realized how unproductive and unrewarding flipping through channels is, day after day. And you’re ready to make some changes. But where should you start? Now that you’ve become truly aware of how much of life has passed you by while you watched […]

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Change Your Life in 30 Days: A Process That Really Works

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Significantly changing your life in 30 days really is possible, although not always easy. But even though this adventure is often a big challenge, the payoffs can be enormous. We’ve all taken on challenges of one sort of another for 30 days. Maybe you tried a diet or an exercise program. Perhaps you decided to […]

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Physical activity is important to me

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I set aside time for physical activity. Physical activity is important to me because it is the time when I take care of my body. Each day, I give so much to so many people. Taking time out to exercise and do something good for myself brings me great pleasure. I carve out time in […]

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Take a Mindful Walk

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Chances are you spend a lot of the day sitting in an office, and frankly, the prospect of doing more sitting is not so appealing, even if it’s for mindfulness meditation. Luckily, there is a long tradition of walking meditation and developing a mindfulness walking practice can be a great way to take a break […]

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Common Mindfulness Questions – Answered!

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Mindfulness is a hot topic right now and for a good reason. Mindfulness has been shown to have a range of benefits and can improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Whether you want to practice mindfulness to help you more easily deal with stress or to help you live a more positive life, you’re […]

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The Multiple Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is the practice of being fully and completely  aware of the present moment, not being distracted or stuck by dwelling on past hurts or worrying about what might happen in the future. Mindfulness keeps you grounded in the here and now. You might think you need to have achieved a state of blissful detachment […]

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Mindfulness: What Is It?

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You see the word mindfulness used so often nowadays, but what exactly does it mean? It might be helpful to think about what it doesn’t mean for a moment. Mindfulness is not: Sitting on a meditation cushion for hours in total silence Being perfect in every way Having all the answers (even to the questions […]

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Who ARE You? Pondering Your Personal Identity

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Who ARE You? Pondering Your Personal Identity Have you ever spent any time thinking about who you really are? Maybe you’ve wondered how other people perceive you. Who you are—your identity—is a powerful force in your life and speaks volumes to others who come into contact with you. Your identity plays an important role in […]

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Making the Amazing Benefits of Change Work for You

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Change is the one constant in the universe. Even the sun won’t last forever – despite our hopes. Change can be stressful, or it can be gloriously exciting and inspiring! In fact, many life events are classified by psychologists based on the severity of the stress felt by the individual. A death in the family […]

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Strengthening Your Belief in Yourself

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It may sound strange, but the one person you’ll always have in your life is you. In order to have an existence that’s peaceful yet exciting and fulfilling, it’s important to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you know that you have the ability to handle anything that life throws your way. You […]

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6 Signs You Worry Too Much About What Others Think of You

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As much as we’d like to show that we don’t care about what others think about us, we do. Some people are so pre-occupied with it, they seldom take part in things they like. Whether it’s the feeling of embarrassment, or the fear of being laughed at, caring too much only holds us back from […]

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StrongBlackWomen: Making Important Changes in Your Life

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One thing you can depend on in life is that there will be change. Change, although often seen as stressful, can actually help you get over some hurdles and move ahead with your life. Yet, instituting change can be quite challenging. How can you go about bringing a much-desired change to your life? Use one […]

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Turn Around a Bad Day – 12 Options

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12 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day Everyone – yes, EVERYONE – has a bad day now and then. You only have two choices: you can either ride it out, or do something to turn the day around. A time machine isn’t an option, but there are plenty of tactics you can apply to […]

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Maximize Your Immunity: Boosters for Healing

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14 Surprising Ways to Maximize Your Immunity and Boost Healing Your immune system has a big job to do fighting off germs, environmental toxins, and other threats. Wouldn’t you like to give it a hand to make its work easier? After all, there are many factors that can strengthen your immune response, and some of […]

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Practical Tips for Beginning to Meditate

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16 Practical Tips for Meditation Beginners Meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation, has become extremely popular over the last few years. While meditation can be very simple, there are several common mistakes and misconceptions about meditation that you’ll want to avoid if you’re new to the practice. Getting started on the right foot increases the odds of […]

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Coping Skills

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Coping Skills How often have you thought “I just can’t cope” or “I just don’t have the strength to deal with this” or “This is just too much” or similar versions of a self-doubting declaration? It’s quite natural to give in to the stress and frustrations of life – especially […]

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Increasing Emotional Awareness

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Emotional awareness is something you may have experienced before – knowing you’re in a bad mood, knowing you’re excited, knowing you’re uncomfortable or “triggered”, you know how it is. We deal with our emotions all day long, right? But there is a second step to your emotional awareness that some people never think about. In […]

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