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I Take Pride in My Appearance

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“How I look is important to me – recognizing that my appearance is what people see first when they look at me is important, but of more value is what I see in the mirror​​​​.”- Dianne M. Daniels, CEO & Founder – DivaStyle Academy Affirmation: Repeat out loud so that you hear the words in […]

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3 Tips to Increase Your Personal Power

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Personal Power Deserves Regular and Consistent Focus Personal power is never fully developed. Like your body, it needs exercise. Not a couple of times a week, but instead, conscious training several times a day. To develop positive and productive habits that reinforce your preferred beliefs, values and help you become at one with your emerging […]

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Appreciate Who You Are

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Learn to Accept and Appreciate Your Uniqueness It’s such a simple concept to accept who you are and appreciate it. When you do that, you will find others will appreciate you as well. It doesn’t cost anything, and it is the right thing to do. You are unique, and everyone should celebrate that. When you […]

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Awareness + Acceptance = Strength

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“Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me.” Audre Lorde The quote above was borrowed/reposted from a blog entry by one of my favorite people on Earth, Karen C.L. Anderson (http://kclanderson.com), a Phenomenal Woman (in the Maya Angelou sense), a Writer, Storyteller and Unconventional Advice Columnist, whose wisdom around mothers, […]

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A Simple Process to Transform Your Life

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Changing your life is possible. It only requires a few key ingredients: a plan, patience, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. If you’ve really struggled with life, it can be helpful to start small. Achieving a few small successes will give you the confidence to move forward with larger changes. Follow this […]

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The Structure of Personal Change

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Personal change starts internally with a shift in mindset. The resulting external changes grow from this internal foundation. So now that you know where to start, how do you go about making these adjustments in your approach to life? To really achieve personal transformation, several major stages must be crossed. Now, this doesn’t mean that […]

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I Embrace My Identity

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I embrace my identity. I accept that the person I am is the person I am meant to be. My circumstances, physical appearance and personality are all part of the divine plan of my Creator. I love the person I am. When I am faced with negative circumstances, I steadfastly avoid feeling discouraged. Instead, I […]

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Who ARE You? Pondering Your Personal Identity

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Who ARE You? Pondering Your Personal Identity Have you ever spent any time thinking about who you really are? Maybe you’ve wondered how other people perceive you. Who you are—your identity—is a powerful force in your life and speaks volumes to others who come into contact with you. Your identity plays an important role in […]

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Enhance Your Image in 7 Steps

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Enhance Your Image in 7 Steps What do you tell people about yourself? Have you ever thought about how what you say about yourself transmits intimate knowledge to others? Do you say things like, “I never get anything done” or “I’m so disappointed with my career” or “I wish I was a better parent?” The […]

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TIPS Report – Conquering Self-Doubt and Becoming More Confident

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Conquering Self-Doubt and Becoming More Confident Everyone has times in their life when they feel inadequate and incompetent, but some of us feel that way more often than others. Many people are so busy putting themselves down they fail to thrive in life. They stop trying to learn and better themselves. They become discouraged and […]

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Declare Your Independence From Pеорlе Pleasing

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Although enjoying helping others is a great trait to have, it should not cause you grief or misery. Here are some ways to declare your independence and stop people pleasing. Create and Set Personal Boundaries “People pleasing” is when you frequently go out of your way to satisfy someone else at the expense of your […]

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6 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Take Action

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Taking action towards your dreams and goals is essential, but it’s not always easy to stay consistent and build momentum. However, taking action is one of those critical pieces of the puzzle along with proper planning and the drive to succeed. Those that take action are the ones that see results. How do you motivate […]

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Your Daily Self Motivating Regimen to Achieve Greater Success

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How much of your time do you spend seeking motivation from external factors? How often do you get it and how long does it last? Your typical experience is probably that external motivation has an expiration date. You can look at a successful person and feel motivated by their success. But what happens when you […]

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