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Mindfulness: What Is It?

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You see the word mindfulness used so often nowadays, but what exactly does it mean? It might be helpful to think about what it doesn’t mean for a moment. Mindfulness is not: Sitting on a meditation cushion for hours in total silence Being perfect in every way Having all the answers (even to the questions […]

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The Multiple Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is the practice of being fully and completely  aware of the present moment, not being distracted or stuck by dwelling on past hurts or worrying about what might happen in the future. Mindfulness keeps you grounded in the here and now. You might think you need to have achieved a state of blissful detachment […]

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Common Mindfulness Questions – Answered!

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Mindfulness is a hot topic right now and for a good reason. Mindfulness has been shown to have a range of benefits and can improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Whether you want to practice mindfulness to help you more easily deal with stress or to help you live a more positive life, you’re […]

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Mindfulness and Meditation: What’s the Difference?

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You’ve probably heard a lot recently about mindfulness – especially if you’re a regular reader / follower of my blog. The concept of mindfulness as a regular practice is popping up everywhere in self-help books, yoga and lifestyle magazines, and online courses as a way of living a better, healthier life. You may also have […]

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Setting Up Your Meditation Space

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The way you organize your home or apartment sends messages about what is important to you. Some people prioritize books, bookshelves, and a comfortable reading chair or sofa. A movie buff will set up a living room that is essentially a home cinema. Someone who loves cooking will have the kitchen as the center of […]

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Take a Mindful Walk

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Chances are you spend a lot of the day sitting in an office, and frankly, the prospect of doing more sitting is not so appealing, even if it’s for mindfulness meditation. Luckily, there is a long tradition of walking meditation and developing a mindfulness walking practice can be a great way to take a break […]

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Practicing Mindfulness – 5 Free Apps to Help You Get Started

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There are lots of techniques out there to help you get into the mindfulness habit. Every day there are more and more mindfulness apps for your smart phone or tablet to help you deal with anxiety, sleep, and stress issues. Here are some of the most popular and easy to use mindfulness apps that are […]

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Your Possessions Are Not Important

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Emphasize Personal Relationships, Not Personal Possessions You spend a good portion of your time protecting your possessions. You worked hard for them, so you want to make sure no one takes them from you. The problem is, you may be putting too much emphasis on them. Consider that when you depart from this world, those […]

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3 Tips to Increase Your Personal Power

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Personal Power Deserves Regular and Consistent Focus Personal power is never fully developed. Like your body, it needs exercise. Not a couple of times a week, but instead, conscious training several times a day. To develop positive and productive habits that reinforce your preferred beliefs, values and help you become at one with your emerging […]

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