Choose You First Course – Day 5 Exercise

Day 5 Exercise: Completing Your Self-Care Ritual

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of this mini-course! As much as I’m sad to see you go, I’m hoping you’ve understood and will implement what you’ve learned about taking care of yourself.

To live a healthy, productive life, sometimes it’s better to prioritize yourself – especially if you’re constantly thinking about others even when it’s hurting you. In these final exercises, you and I will explore the last 8 self-care tips for the course in depth, and we’ll also relate them to your personal life and your journey toward DivaStyle.

Step 1: List 5 stretches you think would benefit you and your body the most, and that you could perform anywhere.

  • Stretch 1:
  • Stretch 2:


  • Stretch 3:


  • Stretch 4:


  • Stretch 5:


Step 2: One of our self-care tips was meditation. How do you feel when you meditate? What are your thoughts on it? What helps you to get into the zone? List some of your ideas below.

Brainstorm Your Ideas Here:





Step 3: What are some things you’ve been tolerating, but not enjoying? List some below, and then list how you could fix these things.

  • Tolerated thing 1:
    How to fix 1:


  • Tolerated thing 2:
    How to fix 2:


  • Tolerated thing 3:
    How to fix 3:

Click here to download/access the Word doc for this Exercise

Now that you’ve got some practical and easily adopted techniques and information on taking care of yourself and Choosing You First, I want to encourage you to continue your self-care education and your journey toward DivaStyle by checking out DivaStyle Courses.