Choose You First – Day 2 Exercise

 Day 2 Exercise: The Right Way to Create Boundaries

So now that we’ve looked at where you might need to implement stronger boundaries in your budding DivaStyle life, it’s time to start incorporating them. This might sound like a difficult and daunting challenge, but with the simple steps you learned about in Lesson 2, the process is broken down into much more manageable pieces. Let’s jump right in!

Step 1: Think about what you value in life – right now, and what you want to add value to in the future. What do you want and expect from a DivaStyle life? Using the questions in the “Clarify Your Values” step of Lesson 2 to shape your answers, write down some of your values below.

Brainstorm Your Values Here:





Step 2: Like we learned in Lesson 2, “Energy Vampires” are people who are always taking but never giving back. Have you ever had one in your life? Below list three ways you can resolve the problem of having an Energy Vampire in your life.

  • Solution 1:
  • Solution 2:
  • Solution 3:


Step 3: Sometimes, when a loved one comes to you with a problem, you should just give them advice instead of springing into action and trying to fix it for them. How might you kindly (but firmly) turn down someone who wants you to fix their problem for them
? List some ideas below.

  • Idea 1:
  • Idea 2:
  • Idea 3:

 To print out a copy of today’s questions, click HERE