Courage Launches Me Above My Fears

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections


Leverage Fear to Stir Up Your Courage

Fear is a natural and healthy feeling necessary to survive. Instead of buckling in the face of fear, I leverage it to stir up my courage. Fear makes it possible for me to tap into a degree of bravery stored inside of me.

Courage is the presence of action in the midst of fear. My courage takes me above my fears and into a place where dreams and goals become reality. Because of courage, my heart is exploding with daring hope.

Revoke the Power of Fear in Your Life

I revoke the power of fear in my life, which tries to control my actions. With faith lighting the way, I take risks beyond anything I have done before. I shake off timidity due to a lack of confidence and replace it with audacity – a key element of living a DivaStyle life.

I have the capacity to dream outside of the limits set on myself from childhood by myself or by others. I refuse to believe negative words spoken about me as a child – they are in the past and hold no power over me. I choose to believe that there is a greater purpose for my life, and that I can manifest and implement that purpose.

I seek to know my purpose, and I affirm that I have a heart willing to do what it takes to see my destiny fulfilled. By clothing myself in dynamic energy and audacious action, I stand up to the fears that immobilized me in the past. When I feel afraid, I speak my goals and dreams into existence – trusting in Spirit to uplift me and push me forward.

Rejection and Failure are Temporary

I come to terms with rejection and failure because sometimes they are the result of taking a risk. I accept that rejection and failure could be my greatest teachers, while realizing rejection and failure are temporary. By looking at every outcome in a positive way, I learn and become more experienced.

Today, I choose to stand up to fear and act audaciously – powering forward in courage. I launch myself into action reaching far above the threshold of fear toward the powerful, positive life I want to create and manifest.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What have I learned from past failures?
2. What do I need courage for today?
3. Why should I act in the midst of fear?

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