Need a DivaStyle Guest?

Dianne will bring DivaStyle to your show – that’s Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Authentic content, personality and conversation. She can’t promise it will be perfect, but it will definitely be worth it!

Dianne’s an avid reader on a number of subjects (she actually bought an iPad to hold her Kindle books!) and can relate to most people and callers for your show – she’s all about family, and she’s a passionate messenger. She’s an avid shoe lover (particularly Christian Siriano’s unique line). Dianne’s also a music lover – from classical to jazz, r&b to Rap, and quite a bit in between!

Dianne Likes To Talk About a Variety of Subjects Including Visual Image, Wardrobe, Personality, Interpersonal Communication, Old Houses, and much more!

Dianne’s a Passionate Messenger and easily relates to people from diverse backgrounds and with differing opinions. She’s all about family, and she’s a Shoe Diva (particularly @CSiriano unique designs), an old-house lover (her home is an 1850’s Greek Revival), prolific Kindle reader, Music lover, trained Color Consultant, a ‘Wardrobe Whisperer’, and DivaStyle Catalyst (and Change Agent) according to her Twitter bio.

Dianne Will Help You Promote Your Podcast and Engage Your Listeners

She’s active on multiple social media networks and will share a link to the interview when it’s live! She’ll post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and on her website as well, detailing her excitement about being your guest.

10 Little-Known Facts About Dianne

  1. She helped her mother renovate her family’s Victorian home in Detroit, Michigan after watching “This Old House” with Bob Vila (her Mom’s crush).
  2. She had a flowering tree in her yard in Detroit that she sang to – it bloomed twice as much as any other variation of the tree in the neighborhood, and survived many Detroit winters.
  3. She planted a strawberry patch as part of a garden in the vacant lot next to her childhood home and got so many strawberries she had to give them away to neighbors and friends.
  4. She traveled to Montreal while in the 5th grade on a class trip with her French teacher, Mrs. Geraldine Phillips, who was from Trinidad-Tobago and one of Dianne’s sheroes.
  5. She and her daughter Ariana both played the Recorder in elementary school – though Dianne says Ariana was the better musician.
  6. She pestered her co-workers in the City of Detroit Recreation Department – Roy, Jesse, and Linda – to train her as a Lifeguard at Brewer Recreation Center so she could work full-time and earn more.
  7. She worked summers as a Lifeguard during high school and college and eventually became a Water Safety Instructor (Lifeguard trainer) while working in the Recreation Department.
  8. She re-activated as a Lifeguard after having her son Ronald and had to re-take the Lifeguard practical exam (20 timed laps, 4 different swimming strokes) months after giving birth.
  9. She built on her interest in Professional Photography after shooting her nephew David’s wedding at the family home in Detroit and eventually owned her own Photography business, FotoDesign Studios.
  10. She paid a neighborhood kid, Clifford, to help out with the free lunch program at Brewer Recreation Center in Detroit during the summers she worked there as a Recreation Aide so he would know that his time and effort had value, and he would stay out of trouble.

If you or your audience can relate to any of these, ask Dianne about it on your show. Your audience will like the insight into the real Dianne, and they’ll think you are a fantastic researcher. It’ll make you look good, and your show stand out from the ordinary.

Dianne Has Several Pre-Written Intros

Many podcast hosts like to start interviews with, “…so tell us a little about yourself and what you do.” Instead, here are some more interesting intros you can use.

  • “My guest is Dianne Daniels, DivaStyle Catalyst. Tell us about a time when you experienced an embarrassing reminder that public perception of a person’s image matters.”
  • “Today we have Dianne Daniels, whose past experience includes spending most of her workday half-dressed while caring for children and adults.”
  • “I would like to introduce Dianne Daniels. She’s proof positive that changing your career direction isn’t necessarily bad for your ambitions.”

Dianne is Very Excited to Be On Your Podcast

I hope you’re as excited as Dianne is to have her as a guest on your podcast.

She doesn’t care how many episodes you have, or how many listeners. She cares about helping fellow entrepreneurs to make their dreams and goals a reality.

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