Divine Guidance Fills Me with Positivity

Guidance from the Divine fills me with positivity.

I work to maintain an optimistic mindset and outlook each day. My ability to remain positive is due to guidance I rely on from the Divine.

I find that the challenges I must face and conquer are less daunting when I seek spiritual assistance and lean on a strong spiritual foundation.

When I ask for (and am open to) direction and subsequently make a final decision, my mind is more at peace because I know my problem-solving process has been formulated with guidance that extends beyond myself. I can move forward past the obstacles I must overcome with confidence, secure in the knowledge that via the guidance I’ve sought, the outcomes of my decisions are always in my best interest.

When others ask how I manage to stay so positive in difficult times, I am happy to tell them the source of my positive attitude. I believe that true joy comes from knowing I am being guided by a strong spiritual foundation, and my positive outlook – because I CHOOSE to be positive and I easily share that joy with others.

I use myself as an example of how much better life can be when we move forward with a positive attitude and unwavering faith. I encourage others to try it out  – just for a short while, to experience the positive results.

Today, I pray for continued positive leading through the guidance of the Divine. I enjoy my role as “positivity personified” and am grateful that I have such joys to share.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I share with others how I communicate with the Divine? Everyone won’t have the same experience, but sharing what I’ve experienced can open the door to possibility for others.
  2. Do life’s disappointments affect my faith? I have to remember that disappointments are experiences that can build strength and fortitude – they are not the end of my story unless I allow them to be.
  3. How can I strengthen my faith? Knowing more about what empowers me and builds my belief is important because I can revisit those positive influences when needed.

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