Do This Now: Pre-Season Closet Purge

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“A pre-season Closet Purge will get rid of clutter and make your closet feel much more spacious - make room for clothes you'll actually WEAR!!.”

Dianne M. Daniels,

CEO & Founder

Get Rid of Things You'll Never Miss

No matter where you live, the transition between seasons is a great time to gain some Closet Clarity and purge items that you don't need any more. I was inspired by an article from Real Simple magazine (thank you, Rebecca Daly and Katie Holdefehr) to put my DivaStyle spin on their list of tossable garments, shoes and accessories.

We've all got them - extra garments we'll never wear, old (and semi-sentimental) reminders of days gone by, items that need repair or tailoring, and just plain WRONG items that are taking up space and blocking us from creating and maintaining a DivaStyle Closet. It's time to PURGE those things from your closet, reduce your stress and increase your happiness with your wardrobe.

Check out the list below, and to get help with your Closet Purge, click HERE!


Awfully Outdated Trends - Let them Go!

Thoroughly outdated trends - velour track suit, anyone? - might someday make a return to fashion acceptance, but in the mean time, they're just cluttering up your closet. 

DSA Closet Clarity Tip: If you haven't worn it in two or more years - allowing for changes in season - then let it go. There's a reason you don't wear it!


Bad Knock-Offs - Toss them!

There are copycat fashions that can serve a place in your wardrobe. Not everyone has the budget for purchasing the original designer pieces (I completely sympathize) but low-quality knockoffs don't serve you at all, and don't give a good impression of your personal DivaStyle. Clarify your closet and get rid of anything in this category, and practice delayed gratification by purchasing only good-quality designer-inspired items in the future.


Bad, Cheap Halloween Costumes

You have my express permission to throw away that "sexy nurse" costume you spent less than $25 for - it's not likely to be passed along to your children OR your grandchildren. Toss or donate all the questionable costumes and their accessories from years past.


"Nightmarish" Bridesmaid Dresses -

Out with Them!

It's a rare Bride that has amazing taste and actually chooses a gown for her attendants that can be worn at a future time, and even rarer that the gown WILL be worn. It's totally fine to let go of a dress  you'll never wear again - consider donating it to your local Goodwill, or to an organization that helps less fortunate girls find prom dresses (they can be quite similar).


"Holey" socks and underwear

It's past time to weed out those threadbare socks and undergarments that are showing their age, and not in a good way. Take stock of what you have, refresh your essentials collection, and get rid of the embarrassing ones!


"Orphan" socks

I've got one, and I bet you do too...the drawer or bag where mismatched, orphan socks go to languish until we put them out of their (and our) misery and get rid of them. Give them a new use, or get ride of them all together.

Just. Let. Them. Go.


Ill-fitting, not-worth-tailoring garments

Check with your local dry cleaner or alterations expert on the cost of altering a garment that no longer fits, or fits you so poorly that you'd rather be sick than wear it. Balance the cost of alterations against the original cost of the garment, balanced against how often you wear the garment, and if the math doesn't make sense, donate the item.


Painful shoes or boots (any heel height)

Pretty, expensive or just plain stand-outs, any pair of shoes that is so uncomfortable to wear that you dread putting them on for ANY length of time, or you change out of them before even leaving the house are NOT worth the space they're taking up in your closet - Let. Them. Go.


"Weight Goal" clothing

If you're keeping too-small clothing in any quantity around as an incentive to lose weight, STOP IT!! Looking at those garments in your closet can be very discouraging, and they are taking up space from a garment that could be flattering and raise your self-esteem rather than damaging it. Far better to create and maintain a DivaStyle wardrobe that flatters you and your "right-now" body and that boosts your self-confidence.

You Deserve Nothing Less


Any Garment that makes you feel

Uncomfortable or Exposed

Women get enough conflicting messages on our appearance and visual impression without adding garments that reinforce the uncomfortable feeling. That dress with the plunge neckline that forces you to pin it shut EVERY time you wear it? That pair of jeans you have to skip meals to wear - because they're so tight you can barely breathe when you're wearing them? That "bandage" dress you can't work up the courage to wear?

Get them out of your closet - send them somewhere else!


Faded, Holey, Too-small t-shirts from another age

My darling husband has a collection of t-shirts that he wore in high-school, when he was 185 pounds and skinny. He's now in his mid-50's, 250 pounds and a muscular Powerlifter! Whether they are from schools you never attended, from charity runs or causes you no longer are connected to, or you just don't remember where you got them, it's time to let them go.

Keep a few for cleaning or painting, but get rid of the rest!

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