Every day I am Stronger and Healthier

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections


I am connected to advancing my body’s strength and health every day

Each day, I have many opportunities to make progress. My physical well-being is one of these opportunities for growth.

Every day, I commit to paying attention to my body and I notice changes. Day by day, I get stronger and feel healthier.

When I turn my awareness to my body, I am in tune with my physical sense of self. I care about staying connected with not only how my body looks, but how I feel in my own skin.

I am committed to accepting myself, including my appearance and physical abilities. As I remain connected with my body, I find that I invest more energy into life.

I focus on improving my physical strength and health

Focusing on keeping my body in good condition makes me stronger. And that strength is connected to good health. I notice that everything about my life is better because I am physically capable and feel well. And my condition just keeps improving every day.

How I regard my appearance and overall health is intimately intertwined with how I see myself as a human being. Therefore, my confidence is increasingly uplifted as I grow stronger and healthier. I understand the necessity of maintaining a vital physical existence, so I take special care to practice physical exercise and proper nutrition.

Today, I plan to review my program for improving my physical strength and health to ensure that I continue to grow stronger and healthier each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I intimately connected every day with my body’s strength and health?
2. Do I make time each day to engage in activities that strengthen me, keep me vital and encourage good health?
3. What steps can I take to ensure that I grow stronger and healthier every day of my life?

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