Falling Asleep is Easy for Me

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

Bedtime is a positive time of day. At my chosen bedtime, I turn off the chatter in my mind and bid farewell to the world for some uninterrupted hours of rest. I value my sleep because that is when I gather my strength so I can face a new day with fresh ideas and fresh energy.

Preparing for Bed

Prior to heading to bed, I take a relaxing warm shower or bath, feeling the stress go down the drain with the water. I turn down the lights to create an atmosphere conducive to rest. In place of television, I opt for calming nature sounds or a good book to help me drift off to sleep.

Having a consistent routine helps my body understand that bedtime is nearing. The more I follow my routine, the easier it is for me to fall asleep.

I take a moment to reflect upon my day. To do this, I focus on positive thoughts by replaying pleasant incidents. If I have done something wrong that day, I ask for forgiveness so I can fall asleep free from guilt.

I enjoy restful sleep every night. Regardless of what I may be doing, I choose to make a stopping point for myself so I can head to bed peacefully.

Setting Restful Intentions

When I close my eyes to sleep, I fall asleep quickly and easily. My desire to rest is stronger than the thoughts that arise when I close my eyes. With intentionality, I put these thoughts aside and make them wait until another time.

Today, I choose to go to sleep early and enjoy a full night of rest. I create an atmosphere conducive to sleeping and release myself from any pressures of the day.

Self-Reflection Questions

To help you cement the benefits of your new routine in your mind and to complete the release of pressure, answer these Self-reflection questions. Use your smartphone or a physical journal to write down your answers and help you put these subjects “to bed” as you begin your restful sleep.

1. How can I better prepare myself prior to bed?
2. What can I do when thoughts pop into my mind as I am trying to drift off to sleep?
3. Why must I designate a stopping point for myself and make myself go to bed?

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