Grace is My Response to Awkward Situations

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

Grace Empowers Me To Relax and Let Go of Awkward Events

I handle situations with grace because it relaxes me and makes others feel at ease around me. When an awkward situation arises, I simply brush it off and let it go. I refuse to hold on to embarrassment, shame, or discord.

Because I carry myself with grace at all times, I find it natural to act gracefully in awkward situations. I am slow to speak and even slower to judge. I walk in total peace and calmness.

The serenity, self-control, and inner peace necessary to conduct myself with grace is within me. My primary goal is to be at peace with others, not to win arguments. I do whatever it takes to diffuse tough situations and retain my peace in the process.

I listen before I speak, reserving my opinions until the appropriate moment. Instead of speaking simply to fill up silent space, I wait to express myself until I have something meaningful to say to a receptive audience.

A Good Sense of Humor is the Antidote to Tension and Burdens

A good sense of humor is my strongest weapon against hypersensitivity and being easily offended. I can laugh at myself when I find myself stuck in an uncomfortable place. I am very confident in who I am, and that prevents me from allowing a simple, unexpected mishap to damage my pride.

When I handle situations with grace, I am able to break uncomfortable tension and alleviate unnecessary burdens. By keeping in mind that this, too, shall pass, I am able to keep my cool and respond with grace.

Today, I choose to be graceful in every interaction. I speak meaningful words only at the appropriate time and I choose to be at peace with others, rather than being right.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I engage in arguments for the sake of being right?
2. What can I gain from speaking less and listening more?
3. How does a good sense of humor help alleviate awkward situations?

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