How to Form New, Positive Habits

By Dianne M. Daniels | Achievement

DivaStyle Academy provides many books, courses and self-improvement products – some of them with specific timeframes like “21 Days,” “30 Days,” or “90 Days” in their titles. They all have to do with positive habits you want to incorporate into your DivaStyle Life, and we’re going to try to help you do that through focused implementation of the principles in the products.

The reason? 21 days is the number of days you need to perform tasks consistently for them to become ingrained in your brain and become new, positive habits. I tell my clients that 21 to 28 days is a great time period to focus on creating new, positive habits – approximately a month – which most people can commit to.

The number of days you should act consistently to form a new habit is based on scientific studies. When you perform the same tasks consistently for 21 days, they will start to become a routine – a habit. The challenge with setting a hard number to this is that some people will abandon it after they reach the threshold. In other words, if you do something every day for 21 days, after the 21st day, you may feel as though you accomplished the task and move on – but at DivaStyle Academy, we know the 21 days is just the beginning of your journey.

The complete DivaStyle approach for adopting new habits is to set up a plan that is longer term. You’ll have milestones for the short term but project out for a much longer period. This way when the 21 day period has passed, you have a game plan to reference into the future. This gives you something to renew and maintain your motivation and productivity after that time.

Another tip is to find people who are trying to form the same habits as you. Create times when you can all talk together, either in person or via some conferencing solution. It’s easier than ever to do this with the Internet. The members of the group can discuss what has worked for them and what has not been successful, helping each other to avoid the unsuccessful tasks and pitfalls. It’s better to try to keep the groups small to encourage deeper connections and participation from a majority of members in the group, instead of a larger group, which can allow members to become complacent and defer to the stronger personalities.

Whether you are creating and manifesting your DivaStyle Life with a group of people or by yourself, maintain a journal to record your progress. This is for your purposes only, so you can structure it however it works best for you.

If all else fails, you can seek professional help. There are plenty of coaches and mentors available to give you additional guidance. Make sure you are critical when choosing a coach and hold them accountable. Set up milestones and as long as you are following their guidance, question any milestones that you don’t meet. Make sure your coach and you both know what is expected of each other and have any provisions in place before you get started in case it doesn’t work out.

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