I am an Agent of Peace

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

My Peace and Joy are Contagious

When I enter a room, peace follows me in. The genuine smile on my face dispels the effects of strife and sharing my smile with others makes my joy contagious. The soothing effect of my presence draws people in.

My positive attitude and serene spirit attract people to me like a cool, deep well draws the thirsty. My personality is refreshing to be around because I decline to allow my circumstances to dictate my behavior.

My emotions no longer rule my actions. Instead, I take charge of my feelings and behave in a way that is true to my personal values. Through self-discipline, I rise above my mood and immerse myself in peace.

I think Before Acting and Remain Calm

Regardless of the situation in which I find myself, my responses are serene. Even when time is running out and I feel pressure to act abruptly, I think before I act because calm responses soothe the soul.

I prevent regret by keeping a level head at all times and resisting the urge to become hostile. My positive perspective enables me to keep small things in proportion so I no longer lose my peace over insignificant details.

When others are longing for peace, they turn to me because I cultivate it in my own life. My mouth utters only words of comfort and encouragement because I like to give people hope. I reduce constraints by focusing on answers.

Today, I choose to look for peaceful solutions to any difficulty that may arise. I abstain from panic and stress by keeping things in perspective and focusing on the good.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do today to diffuse strife and stress?
2. Are my emotions in control of my actions or does my behavior reflect my values?
3. How does my attitude affect my environment?

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