I am Free to Rule over my Passions

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

Freedom Includes Responsibilities and Accountability

I am grateful for the blessing I have to be free. With freedom comes the great task to manage my liberties in a responsible way. I choose to rule over my passions, rather than becoming a victim to my desires.

Part of being free means that I am accountable for what I do with my passions. Emotions are an important part of me as a whole, but to achieve inner peace, I must also learn to control my feelings.

I break free from the bondage of my emotions because I have authority over my feelings. My feelings are unable to rule over my mind because my mind is more powerful.

I am Unmoved by Circumstances, Unbothered by Disappointment

There are seasons in my life when only my mind knows the way. I allow my mind to lead me as I follow with my actions as an act of faith. In time, grace aligns my feelings with my thoughts.

There are times when I lack the desire to go on because I have allowed disillusion or disappointment to rob me of my joy. During these critical times, I remember that the great purpose for which I am destined remains unmoved by my circumstances.

Other times I am so high on life, I find it hard to reason. Enjoyable as this may be, I still strive to keep my head on straight, weighing all options with a clear mind.

Today, I free myself to manage my emotions with courage and ability. I allow myself to feel with my heart without disconnecting my mind from the process.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my definition of freedom?
2. Why is it necessary to allow my mind to rule over my thoughts?
3. Have I ever been deceived by my emotions in the past?

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