I am Prepared for Whatever Life Brings

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

Change and Challenges are Inevitable

Life is about change and change often brings challenges. I accept challenges and prepare for them because when I’m ready for whatever comes my way, I can handle anything. Even joyful change can be stressful, but I have peace through all of life’s changes.

I am prepared and ready for my current life, and the one I’m building. I spend time thinking about where my life is going and map out the positive results and activities that I’ll commit to next. I am prepared for change and realize that my plans may turn out differently than I expect. By being prepared, I can shape more of my own destiny.

Each day, I reaffirm my desire to accept life as it comes. I avoid becoming fearful or angry when there’s a change in my world. Change is important and I know that something that feels challenging at the time may turn out to be in my best interests.

I Place Experiences and Challenges in Context and Embrace Change

I avoid judging experiences by themselves and put them into the bigger context of my life as a whole. When I put challenges in context, they are often far different (and a lot less scary) than I first thought.

In the midst of a storm, I remain calm. I think clearly and decide what the next step should be. Because I plan my steps, I can avoid getting off of my path. I make adjustments easily because I embrace change instead of fearing it. Being ready for life keeps me joyous and happy.

Today, I am prepared for my life, regardless of what it brings.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to be more prepared for the life I want to lead?
2. How can I stay positive when negative things happen to me?
3. How can I help others who are struggling with events in their own lives?

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