I am Understanding and Forgiving

By DSAdmin | Affirmation

Moving through life with integrity is one of my primary intentions. To live with integrity means to act according to my highest vision of myself. One of the ways I do this is by practicing understanding and forgiveness.

Forgiveness Equals Lightness

I refrain from passing judgment on others when they wrong me. When I forgive others, I am relieved of carrying heavy feelings. I am lighter inside when I forgive.

Being understanding and being forgiving are closely connected. When I am able to comprehend a person’s thoughts, feelings and motivations, I more easily release any errors they have made toward me.

Understanding what someone is going through or how he feels helps my mind be more open to conciliation. Envisioning how a person is affected by a situation makes me a better person.

When I say I understand someone, I know they feel listened to and at peace. I can honestly then forgive and go forward in life.

I take Pride in Being Understanding

I feel pride in my ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of others and make sense of them. And I am consistent in my efforts to avoid negativity by extending an olive branch whenever needed.

Today, I listen well so I can more easily understand others, forgive and move on. I am proud of my efforts to be understanding and forgiving.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make an effort to understand the people I deal with every day?
2. How do I handle forgiving others? If I feel unable to forgive, do I know why?
3. What strategies will I use to demonstrate more understanding toward others? What steps can I take to genuinely forgive others?

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