I Cherish my Friendships

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

Protect the precious gift of healthy and lasting friendships

Healthy friendships are precious gifts to be protected and preserved. I recognize that in order to have deep, meaningful, and lasting friendships, I am charged with (and responsible for) taking good care of them.

Developing, nourishing and maintaining relationships with others take effort and focus. I am willing to put in this time because I see the value my friends bring to my life.

Cultivating friendships creates a supportive network I can call on when needed

When I cultivate my friendships, I build a support network that I can turn to whenever I want or need. Life sometimes brings challenging situations my way, so having people who are there for me grounds me and brings me solace.

Also, when I want to relax with people who understand me, I can turn to my friends. No matter what, my friends are there for me when I seek them out. I am truly grateful for my friendships.

I am blessed to be surrounded by friends

I am fortunate to have my friends. Fate has a way of delivering people, places and things into our lives. To be blessed with the camaraderie of close friends helps me fulfill so many of my dreams. I always have a listening ear and a strong shoulder when I need them. And I have people to rejoice with me in my accomplishments.

Today, I remind myself of how lucky I am to be surrounded by caring, loving friends who support me, regardless of what I am going through. I choose to reflect on how I can show my friends how important they are to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel about my friendships?
2. How can I cultivate enduring friendships that bring me peace and comfort?
3. What are some ways I can show my friends how important they are to me?

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