I Focus on Achieving my Goals

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

I Concentrate on Reaching My Goals

Life can be so busy! Sometimes I have to work hard and long to get through everything that happens in a day. I prioritize concentrating my time and efforts to complete the things that matter most. I know that the best way to accomplish everything I want to do is to set SMART goals.

I write in my journal what I hope to achieve. I establish goals in the areas of career and business progress, family life and personal growth. As I accomplish these aspirations, I check them off. Getting to do this feels great to me, each time!

When I concentrate on reaching goals, I feel like I have something to look forward to. Because I feel positive about my abilities, I work harder. I put in more effort. I am propelled by my desire to achieve.

I Enjoy Having Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

I value having many goals to work toward. Some of these desires are easy to accomplish. And some are long-term tasks I want to complete. These require more effort. Having so many goals of different types makes my life more interesting.

Sometimes, I focus on ambitions related to my career and work life. I reflect on what I want to do and how. Do I want to make more money? Do I seek out more knowledge or training? Am I thinking about changing jobs?

Other times, I focus on family life. Then, I tend to do activities like spending more time with parents and siblings or teaching my child how to do a task. Also, I set personal goals so I am always growing toward my highest vision of myself.

Today, I am successful because I focus on achieving my goals. I reflect on my current goals to ensure that I am “on track” in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have clear goals?
2. If not, what desires do I hope to accomplish?
3. How can I focus on achieving my goals?

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