I Focus on the People Who Love Me

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

I devote time and attention to positive influences and people

My life is full of people who love me and want what is best for me. Instead of worrying about negative people, I devote my time and attention to those who are a positive influence in my life.

I know there are people I can call when I need to talk. I am blessed with friends who lend a listening ear and are quick to speak the truth when I am in need. I appreciate the people who are always there to encourage me when I need them.

I have friends and family who rejoice with me when I celebrate success. I seek to be around these friends because success is sweeter when shared. I let go of concern over people who choose to envy me, rather than support me.

My loved ones cheer me on and believe in me

When I embark on a new risk, I hear the voices of my loved ones cheering me on in my thoughts. I hear them say they believe in me and I shut out negative voices from my mind.

There is no room in my thoughts for people who dislike me. I do what I can to live in harmony with others, but I understand there are people who are difficult to please. I relinquish my desire to please critical people.

I stay away from negative people to keep my spirit uplifted. I refuse to allow critical people to bring me down. As long as I know I have done my best, I am at peace with myself.

Today, I choose to be thankful for the people in my life who are true friends. As I reflect on my life, I remind myself how much I matter to those who love me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who are my encouraging friends?
2. Am I thankful for my friends?
3. How can I retrain my brain to block out the comments of critical people?

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