I keep a Cool Attitude in Heated Situations

By DSAdmin | Affirmation

Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes the holidays can bring stress in addition to joy and happiness – you may be visiting family and have the additional challenges of travel, preparing dinner for a large group, or just spending time with people you don’t see often.

With that reality in mind, check out this affirmation about keeping a cool attitude in heated situations, and may your Thanksgiving be peaceful, satisfying and joyful.

When faced with a heated situation I can’t avoid, I stay closely attuned to the warning signs my body sends me. I pay attention to my temperature and heart rate to keep a gauge on my ability for self-control.

Before I get past the point of reason, I take a moment to pause and take deep, calming breaths. Breathing helps me regain control of my body’s physical reaction to stress. Stopping to take a breath before reacting saves me from losing my cool.

I evaluate my emotions with a mature and objective perspective. I review the situation in my mind, weighing the consequences of my choices. After consideration, I choose to rise above anger. This is the only way I can truly resolve an issue.

In situations where the other person is already out of control, I lay down my pride in the name of peace. I value peace more than I value being right. By putting others before myself, I avoid regret.

I refrain from taking offense to statements made in situations where tempers are flaring. I listen closely without making assumptions. I sincerely ask clarification questions to help me understand the other person’s point of view.

My good sense of humor and healthy self-image carry me through challenging situations with grace. I demonstrate what a mature person I am.

Today, I choose to effectively change a heated situation into a constructive exchange by thinking before I speak. By calming down and choosing my words wisely, I close the door on anger and embrace peaceful resolution.

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