I Set Aside Time for Physical Activity

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Taking Care of My Body Means Taking Time Out to Exercise

Physical activity is important to me because it is the time when I take care of my body. Each day, I give so much to so many people, so taking time out to exercise and do something good for myself brings me great pleasure.

I carve out time in my schedule for a variety of physical activities. I make room for leisure activities and hobbies I enjoy as well as for vigorous exercise. My strength training includes time for fun as well as time for serious workout.

I Feel Good From the Inside Out When I Workout

I go to the gym several times per week. During my gym time, I lift weights, engage in cardiovascular exercises, and take classes that interest me. I feel good from the inside out when I go to the gym.

Outside of the gym, I make time to play sports and physical games. I ignite a desire for physical activity amongst my friends and family. By making exercise fun, I inspire others to become more active as well.

Physical activity is important to me because it is the way I keep my body healthy and my mind clear. When I maintain an active lifestyle, I feel the benefits in every area of my life.

Today, I vow to exercise each day this week. No matter what else is going on in my life, I honor this time because I value the health of my body and mind.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When can I go to the gym this week?
2. What do I enjoy doing for physical activity outside of the gym?
3. How can I make exercise fun for my whole family?

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