I Show My Passion for Life to Everyone.

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

Enjoy Your Feelings and Experiences

Life is an incredible journey. Through all of the ups and downs, I allow myself to experience my feelings and express them to those around me.

I strive to experience all that I can in life. There are so many possible adventures! I experience sheer wonder just by living my best life – right where I am – and I share my joy with others.

My passion for life cannot be contained. It bubbles over to those around me, and it’s contagious in the best way! I am excited and inspired by what I see, what I feel, and what I experience. So much about this existence on earth evokes passion, whether it’s the vacation I just had (or the one I’m planning), the novel I recently finished, or the sunset I saw last night.

Let Curiosity Fuel Your Passion

My passion is often expressed through my curious mood – I’m intensely interested in certain subjects, and looking to explore them further. Other times, I show my passion by talking excitedly to those in my circle and sharing about some new gadget or situation I just heard about – especially if it’s uplifting and positive! I am interested in everything and eager to learn more. My interactions reveal my passion about all of these things.

My hope, and my intention,  is that my joy is contagious. If someone else opens their eyes to the beauty and wonder of our world, their experience can bring even more joy and passion my way.

Today, I pledge to keep the light shining inside me. I plan to show my passion for life to those around me at every possible opportunity. I feel unbridled exhilaration about life and take great pleasure in sharing it with others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I feel real passion for life?
2. When I am excited or overjoyed, do I share those feelings with those around me? If not, what holds me back?
3. How can I ensure that I show everyone who has “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” my enthusiasm for life, and empower them to create and manifest their own sense of enthusiasm?

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