I Take Pride in My Appearance

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“How I look is important to me - recognizing that my appearance is what people see first when they look at me is important, but of more value is what I see in the mirror​​​​.”

- Dianne M. Daniels, CEO & Founder -

DivaStyle Academy Affirmation:
Repeat out loud so that you hear the words in your own voice.

My appearance matters to me.

When I spend less time on my appearance, I experience less pride in myself. There is a connection between my physical appearance and my internal psyche. How I view my physical self is intimately connected to how I view my internal self.

A relevant aspect of my physical appearance is the time I take to look attractive.

Although life takes over sometimes, I consistently make every effort to care for my appearance. I recognize that tending to my grooming is a positive daily practice.

Taking care of my appearance is a positive daily practice and reinforces my DivaStyle.

Just like brushing my hair and washing my face, the condition of my body and the clothing I wear matter. Making the effort to tone my body keeps me healthy and feeling proud of myself. Investing time to select clothing that enhances my appearance increases feelings of self-worth.

I want to live my life with dignity and self-respect. So I take pride in my appearance. I want to feel "presentable" not only to others but to myself first.

Today, I renew my vow to make consistent efforts to keep my appearance fresh and attractive. I allow time to take care of myself because I enjoy feeling pride in my appearance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.Is my physical appearance important to me?
2.Do I keep my body toned and select clothing that enhances my appearance? If not, what can I do about that?
3.How can I ensure that I take pride in my personal appearance?

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