Life Coaches and Mentors Can Help You Deal with Adversity

By DSAdmin | DSA Inspiration

You can overcome aspects of your life that are holding you back

When you discover a good life coach, they can help you with several aspects of your life. They will show you methods to overcome specific aspects of your life that are holding you back, as well as the more general overarching topics that express themselves more broadly. They can help you tap into your own wisdom when you face adverse situations and can give you the guidance you need to help you pick up the pieces and get back on track when you need an extra boost.

They may start by teaching you to be positive and use techniques such as affirmations to retrain your brain to think positive thoughts. That is one of the biggest means to deal with adverse situations. It won’t prevent you from dealing with them, but it will help you focus on what is important. You need to practice these affirmations for them to be effective. It’s not a casual exercise that you do whenever the mood strikes. Make it a daily habit. Your coach/mentor will know if you are not practicing them.

Prepare for your coach/mentor to be truthful – sometimes brutally so. The truth may hurt for a short while, but it may be what you need to get past your situation and conquer that rut that you’re stuck in. When you get caught up in blaming others and not taking responsibility, they’ll be quick to point this out to you. A good coach/mentor will present it in such a way that you will come to the conclusions yourself because YOU need to have the realization and it needs to come from your own mind and heart. And that makes it easier for you to accept the change that needs to happen and implement actions that counter the negative situation.

Check qualifications, but don’t get stuck on “certifications” to the exclusion of getting the help you need from someone you can relate to

When you decide to use a coach/mentor, don’t blame them entirely if it doesn’t work out. That is, of course, assuming you chose a qualified person to help you. It’s not difficult to find a good coach/mentor if you take the right steps. Ask friends and family, look for recommendations, or ask someone who you know is using a coach where they found them. Do a bit of digging to learn about their background, research any certifications they hold, or just use your gut – certifications and education can be very valuable but learning from someone who has literally “been there, done that” can be just as, if not more productive.

Coaches/mentors are going to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. Most coaches will use this to help the people they coach break away from bad habits and form new ones. It is called a comfort zone for a reason. It will be awkward, and at times, you may get angry at their suggestions.

Know when to speak to a qualified Mental Health Professional

If the adversity you are dealing with is from the result of a traumatic experience, a coach/mentor may not be qualified to handle such a deep situation. In this case, seek out a professional who has qualified in that area. You can still choose to use the coach/mentor for other aspects of your development.

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