Life Without Obstacles

By DSAdmin | Achievement

“A life without obstacles is likely NOT to measure up to your expectations.”

- Dianne M. Daniels

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Life Without Obstacles

Let's look at the Pros and Cons of a life without obstacles or challenges


  • Human beings are hardwired to solve problems
  • Obstacles provide opportunities to overcome and solve challenges
  • We have the capability to solve most situations we're faced with
  • Overcoming obstacles is part of life and necessary for our survival


  • No problems + idle mind = Boredom
  • Mental obstacles left unchallenged and unsolved negatively affect mental health
  • Avoiding challenges creates a lack of capacity for solving future issues


Running away from obstacles and challenges won't make them go away. Tackling them head on not only provides you an opportunity to build strength and capacity, it reinforces your natural human tendency to solve problems. 

Allow yourself to feel the elation that comes when you overcome an obstacle. The bigger the obstacle, the more elation you'll feel.

Overcoming Obstacles is a part of a DivaStyle life and necessary to create and maintain that life. Believe in Yourself!

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