4 Mind Hacks: Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

By DSAdmin | commitment

Although it’s natural for us as human beings to care about how others perceive us, it’s not always healthy. If you find  creating “mind stories” about what someone thinks about what you just said or did, you are most likely creating (or adding to) dissatisfaction in your life. You can turn that situation around – starting today!

Try these mind hacks the next time you find yourself caring too much about what others (or a specific someone) thinks of you.

Remember – Everyone Has Flaws

We all make mistakes. We all have issues that we could work on to become better, happier people. And yes, that includes you (and me), but it also includes those people who you worry don’t like you, those you believe don’t think you are good enough, or those you are sure are looking down their noses at you. While it’s not healthy to drag up every negative thing you can think of about someone else, it’s a good practice to remember, in general, that no one is perfect.

Life is Short

It feels good to be liked and admired. But there are going to be people you meet and interact with that you just don’t click with. Being okay with that can be challenging – it’s not how we are taught that things “should” be – but if you find yourself going above and beyond in trying to make someone like you, you are wasting your energy. Life is way too short to worry about what errors exist in what other people might think of you. You can’t control what someone else thinks. To be certain you are living your life to the fullest, it’s healthier to just shrug your shoulders if someone seems to dislike you and move on.

They Really Aren’t Thinking About You

The majority of people you run into during your daily activities are caught up in their own thoughts and worries. When you run across  someone who seems to be looking down on you, it may simply be that they’re feeling bad about themselves or a choice they just made. They, just like you, are caught up in their own mental world. The reality is that most of the time, most people aren’t thinking about us at all –  they are focused on what’s going on in their own lives. They often react out of that sense of focus too, not based at all on what you’ve done or said.

Just Do It…Move Ahead Anyway

When we have a goal—something that we really desire to see happen, we can get stuck in a state of inaction because of fear of what other people will think. You may have even experienced having a friend, family member or acquaintance tell you how unlikely or just plain crazy your dream is once you finally opened up and shared it. Remember – Life is short! We have to take that deep breath and jump out of our comfort zone if we ever want our lives to be the way we want and dream that they should be. Don’t let what others think – or what you believe they think – determine what you can and can’t do. The risk is always worth taking.

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