I Nourish both My Body and Mind Each Day

By DSAdmin | DSA Reflections

Focus on the Good, Avoid the Negative

My body needs appropriate sustenance to stay healthy and strong. My mind also needs to be nourished to work at its best. Each day I remember and appreciate this as I nourish both my mind and body.

I avoid negative people and situations. I keep my mind focused on the good and positive elements in my life. I focus on eating more of the things I know will keep me healthy and work to avoid the rest, keeping a healthy balance. I am responsible for my body and mind. I’ve been given a great gift in my life, and I avoid taking that gift for granted.

Engage in Feel-Good Activities, Food, and Exercise

I engage in activities that I feel good about. My body is a temple, which I must protect. My mind stays sharp because I care for it properly. I encourage others to follow my healthy example. In helping others, I help myself to stay strong, fit and fulfilled in my life.

Each day, I pay attention to what my body and mind need from me. I approach my daily tasks with positive energy. I exercise both my body and mind. Exercise is healthy and helps me feel capable. My inner strength is an enormous resource and I use it daily with joy. Each time I use my mind and body, I get stronger and healthier.

Today, I nourish my whole self by choosing foods and activities that support my growth and wellness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I keep my body healthy?
2. What can I do to strengthen my mind?
3. What activities can I do to strengthen my mind and body together?

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