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You've probably heard that you have 7 seconds to make a great first impression - but do you know the ALL the factors that are a part of your Total Image?

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Self-Compassion Series: Who Cares What Others Think About You?
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Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for the Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious, Authentic you

Dianne truly cares about the women who come to her seeking help with boosting their self-confidence. She makes it her mission that your life will be changed through partnering with her as your consultant – whether you’re seeking to boost your self esteem or put a shine on your image. And what she does WORKS. I can vouch for that first hand. After consulting with Dianne about how to dress for success, people can’t stop complimenting me on the way I look in my new, professional wardrobe.

Dianne’s a dynamic and authentic human being who really cares. Hire her for your speaking engagements if you want your audience to come away enthusiastic about your program. They’ll be laughing, crying, touched to the heart. They’ll feel so empowered, they’ll be spreading the word about your event for weeks to come.

Thanks for everything, Dianne. As one changed woman… I know your program is the best!

Nory Oakes

Independent Wordsmith & Website Designer

Dianne Daniels is a rare find. I met Dianne over a decade ago, during my time working with local non-profit agencies supporting art, art therapy, and female empowerment.

I had the opportunity to work along side her at several seminars where she was a presenter and her contributions became an essential part of the overall experience for the attendees. One in particular was Miss Connecticut's "Day of Confidence" which was designed to build self-esteem and help adolescent girls learn how to discover and accept their own strengths and be true to themselves. In this case Dianne helped to make a difference in the lives of the young ladies through motivating and encouraging them to "love their reflection".

I have friends and acquaintances who have worked with Dianne to help them discover their personal style and restructure their lives to embrace their new futures. There is no one I would recommend higher as a speaker, consultant or trainer for female empowerment.

Gail McCool

Former Executive Director,
Miss Connecticut Scholarship Organization

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