Personal Transformation Round-up

By DSAdmin | attitude

“Personal Transformation isn't always easy, but it's always worth it!”

- Dianne M. Daniels, CEO & Founder

Over the past nine (9) days, we've explored Personal Transformation topics, touching on our capabilities, taking action, doing something we love, vision, failures, the power of letting go, and ways of creating new, positive habits. If you missed any of the posts in the series, check out the grid below and click to see the complete articles.

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Self-Compassion Round-up

“Self-Compassion should be a part of your every day life - don't just extend it

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Getting Help on Your Personal Transformation Journey

At some stage, people who are looking to maximize their potential and their personal growth

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Making Exercise a Part of Your Daily Routine

Advertisements all over popular media and online bombard us, showing beautiful people in fantastic shape.

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How to Form New, Positive Habits

DivaStyle Academy provides many books, courses and self-improvement products – some of them with specific

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Fear of Failure or Fear of Success – What’s Holding YOU Back?

Did you know that more people are afraid to succeed than they are to fail?

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Create a Vision of Who You Want to Be

If you are unhappy where you are in life, despite recent positive changes, it could

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