Practicing Mindfulness – 5 Free Apps to Help You Get Started

By DSAdmin | commitment

There are lots of techniques out there to help you get into the mindfulness habit. Every day there are more and more mindfulness apps for your smart phone or tablet to help you deal with anxiety, sleep, and stress issues. Here are some of the most popular and easy to use mindfulness apps that are suitable for Android and IOS. Oh, and they’re free!

  1. Insight Timer

Insight Timer has more than 4,000 guided meditations from over 1,000 teachers as well as podcasts, talks and ambient music. Insight Timer has a community focus, telling you how many people are meditating with you and where. You can create a meditation library of your own, and Insight Timer will make suggestions based on your choices!

  1. Aura

Aura sends you a daily, new personalized three-minute meditation. It will ask your age, and how stressed, optimistic and interested in mindfulness you’re feeling, and then Aura will send you an appropriate mediation. You can save meditations to your library for future use. Aura also has relaxing sounds and a Mindful Breather feature where you can synchronize your breath to an animated circle which expands and contracts. The home screen also encourages you to note something you’re currently grateful for – a great mindfulness practice!

  1. Omvana

Omvana has thousands of meditations, inspirational speeches and binaural tracks, most of which are free! There are meditations for focus, sleep, peace, enlightenment, positive living, and relaxation. You can add favorite tracks to your library or consider a subscription to get access to even more meditations.

  1. Stop Breathe & Think

If you’re new to mindfulness and meditation and are not sure where to start, Stop, Breathe & Think could be just what you need! There is a section called Learn to Meditate that takes you through the process and rationale for mindfulness and what to expect when you start – a great supplement to this series of posts!

There are nearly 30 free sessions of up to 11 minutes with themes like Connect with Your Body, Be Kind and Breathe. Or you can set a meditation timer and listen to relaxing sounds or simply sit in silence. You can track your progress and earn stickers to reward you for building your practice.

  1. Calm

Even Calm’s web page makes you feel calm! The Calm app has meditation sessions ranging from three to thirty minutes focused on helping you relax, sleep better, reduce stress and improve your relationships. There are even ‘sleep stories’ which are bedtime stories for adults! There are also timers for silent meditations or meditations with intermittent bells.


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