Self-Compassion Round-up

By Dianne M. Daniels | attitude

“Self-Compassion should be a part of your every day life - don't just extend it to others, manifest it for yourself, too!”

Dianne M. Daniels, CEO & Founder

Over the past two weeks, we've explored Personal Transformation (click HERE to access the Round-up post) and Self-Compassion. The Personal Transformation Series touched on taking action, doing things we love, vision, the power of letting go and new habits, and the past 13 days we've explored how to extend Self-Compassion - loving ourselves, self-acceptance, dealing with what others think of us, ways to quit being so hard on US, and affirming that we are people too.

If you missed any of the posts in the Self-Compassion series, check out the grid below and click to see the complete articles.

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Self-Compassion Series: You Are a Person Too!

It’s a bit of a strange title for an article, isn’t it?

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Self-Compassion Series: Why Are We So Hard on Ourselves?

One reason? We live in a negative world. Turn on the news

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Self-Compassion Series: Who Cares What Others Think About You?

You find out at work that someone was talking smack about you.

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Self-Compassion Series: What’s Wrong with Imperfection Anyway?

Imagine if we were all perfect. We would do the right things

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Self-Compassion Series: Take Control of Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice can guide you on your journey through life. It

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Self-Compassion Series: Self-Compassion Is the Same as Self-Acceptance

You’ve decided you want to live a DivaStyle Life – GREAT!!! You

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Self-Compassion Series: Have Compassion for Your Own Failures

If you don’t fail at something, it probably means you haven’t tried

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Self-Compassion Series: Do You Live on Regrets?

The past is the past – so why do many people insist

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Self-Compassion Series: All You Need Is Love

Use Music to Encourage Your Self-Compassion Who hasn’t heard of this very

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