Self-Compassion Series: Have Compassion for Your Own Failures

By Dianne M. Daniels | Achievement

If you don’t fail at something, it probably means you haven’t tried anything. Either that, or you chose something that was too easy to accomplish, and you got it right the first time. If you continually look for the easy way out or through a challenge, you may not be living up to your full potential. Eventually, you are going to be confronted with something you find difficult to accomplish, and you may even fail at it.

If you look down on your failures and consider yourself a loser when they happen, you’ve forgetten that you’re human, and that human beings are perfectly imperfect. If you look at the profiles of successful people and think that only those people are good enough to make things happen, let me be the first to tell you YOU’RE WRONG. What you don’t see, and what most people will not tell you about, are all the failures those successful people went through before experiencing their successes.

View failure as a gift – something you can use to figure out what went wrong. When you retrace and analyze your steps, you may find that there was a minor flaw in what you attempted. Others would simply give up saying it is too hard, but you and I know better.

You need to hold on fiercely to the belief that what you want to accomplish is possible. Otherwise, you will keep failing over and over again and never arrive at a solution. But if you are confident what you want to achieve can happen, then stop at nothing to make it so. This is what makes people successful, each and every time – they are committed and confident in what they want to achieve, and nothing – not time or being tired – will stop them from pushing onward.

Consider your failures to be tuition for your projects. As long as you spend a reasonable amount of time figuring out what you were trying to do, and analyzing why it didn’t work, you are gaining valuable insight into the problem. Keep going with your efforts even if you fail thousands of times. Hold true to your belief in the project and stop at nothing to get it done.

If there is any formula for success, it can all be boiled down to an unwavering belief in the possibility of the project happening, as well as being tenacious in your efforts to bring it to fruition. In this way, you should never put yourself down for failing. In fact, you should expect it and embrace it. Be suspicious if challenges and occasional failures don’t happen – it probably means you’re shooting too low, and you should raise your sights for the next go-around.

It’s sad to think that many people don’t have the self-compassion for failure. Those kinds of people try once or twice and then give up thinking whatever they were trying to accomplish is not meant to be. If only they gave it a few more thousand or so tries – not only would they be more likely to succeed, but in the process, they’d gain so much more confidence in themselves. That kind of effort will get them so much closer to creating and manifesting that Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Authentic life – that DivaStyle life – that they deserve.

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