Finding Your Passion with The Power of Words

By DSAdmin | commitment

Do you feel as if you’re living a sterile, passionless life? Do you desire the same level of passion and commitment that you see in other people? It can be very difficult to live a full and rewarding life without a true passion.

There are many things that can cause you to live a life that lacks passion and commitment. It’s possible that an unhappy childhood caused you to stifle your dreams instead of striving for them, or you’ve never had an opportunity to develop your aspirations.

Maybe you were taught that indulging in your passion should make you feel guilty. Or perhaps you don’t have time in your busy daily schedule to explore and enjoy the very things that could bring you joy.

Today, you MUST make the commitment to yourself to pursue your passion!

Give Yourself the Freedom to Discover Your Passion(s)

  • You deserve it! You have the right and the need to feel passionate about the things that are near and dear to you.
  • You may not even realize what you’re missing if you’ve never had a chance (or taken the time) to find and develop your goals. Discover your passion and embrace it because doing that will lead you closer and closer to a life without limits!
  • You can turn your passion into a career, hobby, or a way to network with people.

Passion can improve every aspect of your life. It’s your passion – and who you become in the pursuit of it – that helps make your life positive and fulfilling.

When first starting your quest toward your dreams, you may wonder, “What is there to be passionate about?” That’s perfectly normal and understandable. Many people start out with the same question. You may have been taught that chasing your dreams is unrealistic or selfish – don’t believe that!

Even if you feel that way, it’s never too late for you to find something that fills you with inner joy and peace. Your life begins anew – perhaps daily – when you pursue your dreams, desires, and goals.

You can gain a new, energized perspective on life when you put focused and intentional time toward expanding your comfort zone and pursuing things that you didn’t consider before. For example, if you traveled to a foreign place and met new people, you would see and experience things –  a whole new world that will open your eyes and mind. When you do this, you may find something that’s been missing from your life!

Passion Affirmations Can Spark Your Passion

You may be able to get closer to your passions through the power of positive, passion affirmations. When you give yourself permission to be passionate, you may suddenly find that you’re more enthusiastic about things than you thought you could be.

Passion affirmations are positive statements that will change the way you think about life and the world around you.

Affirmations positively influence your subconscious. Passion affirmations can bring to the forefront a wonderful new way of living that’s full of joy, abundance, and gratitude.

For example, when you get out of bed each morning, you might say to yourself, “Igniting my passion is a way of revealing how much I love myself.”

Every time you repeat this statement you’re reaffirming that thought in your mind. At the same time, you’re eliminating negative thoughts that may be holding you back from pursuing your passion.

Choose affirmations that you feel speak to you and relate to your own feelings. Repeat them several times each day in your own words and soon you’ll discover the joys of living a passionate life!

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