Top Tips for Developing Charisma

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On Charisma

“Charisma is the ability to attract, charm and influence the people around you - and it's a quality that you CAN develop”

Dianne M. Daniels, CEO

Top Tips on Charisma

Can charisma be learned? Many people believe that it is something some people are born with. While there are cases of people that have this natural ability, there are some techniques you can use to become more charismatic:

1. Tap into People's Pain Points

If you have a way of helping others solve a problem, they will be drawn to you. Sometimes, you don’t even need to solve their problems. It can be a matter of simply listening. That goes a long way when people are dealing with situations. It’s a skill that many people don’t possess.

2. Praise People Who Deserve It

False praise won’t get you very far. But, if you find people who are deserving of praise, don’t be afraid to use it. They will appreciate the recognition, and as you raise your level of charisma, it will mean more to others. They will want to earn your respect.

3. Take on a Central Focus

When you increase your charisma, you can expect a certain amount of attention from your newfound status. You become the central focus of the people you come in contact with. Your reputation also increases among those people. One way to grab that central focus is to face problems head on. You should not mistake taking on a central focus with being self-centered as that can be a turnoff for many people.

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