Day 3: What Is Your Purpose?

By DSAdmin | Challenge

The first step on this journey towards living with a purpose is deciding that it is a worthwhile endeavor. I hope the first two blog posts in this series have convinced you of that. The next step is to figure out what exactly your purpose in life is.

It’s a pretty big question, isn’t it? I wish I had just the right answer for you, but the truth is that our life’s purpose is as unique as we all are – as individual as we all are. There is no quiz you can take that spits out the answer. It’s something you have to discover for yourself, but I do, however, have a few thoughts to share with you that will help to guide you along the way. In the end, your purpose is very much like true love. You will know it when you’ve found it.

What Are You Passionate About?
Start by thinking about all the different things you are passionate about. It doesn’t matter if it’s part of your current work or career, a cause, a hobby, or anything else you can think of. Make a list and keep adding to it as you come across more ideas. Maybe it’s restoring old cars, redecorating your home, or sewing historical costumes.

What Do You Value?
Another good approach for coming up with potential “purpose” ideas is to think about what you really value. What’s important to you? What do you feel would make a difference? Maybe you value the right of every child to grow up in a happy home and make it your life’s purpose to raise foster kids or adopt. Maybe you value animal rights and make it your mission to raise awareness about the low number of wild giraffes in Africa. Whatever you decide is of value to you can provide you with ideas on how to translate that value statement into a life’s purpose.

What Elicits A Strong Emotional Response?
Similarly, think about what makes you really happy, really angry, or really sad. Having something with a strong emotion attached is a good sign that you’re very passionate about it and that this particular cause or purpose is important to you. Maybe it’s passion on your love of playing piano, your passion for heirloom tomato gardening, or your burning desire to put a stop to human trafficking.

What’s Fun
Last but not least, think about what you really enjoy doing. There’s nothing wrong with finding a purpose that is also enjoyable. In fact, it’s important that you truly like what you do and are that you have fun doing it. If it isn’t fun, it’s much harder – if not impossible – to put in the work and effort required to reach your goals.

Of course not every task and every aspect of what you do will be fun. Overall though, you want to find a purpose and a project that has you excited to jump out of bed in the morning and get to work..

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