Day 21: When You Live With Purpose, You Don’t Have Time To Worry

By DSAdmin | Challenge

Are you a worrier by nature? Do you spend your time worry about anything and everything that could go wrong in your daily activities? I’ve been there and done that – and it’s not the most pleasant or most productive use of your time. When we worry a lot, it tends to paralyze us…

We’re too worried about everything we don’t know yet, what’s out of our control and what could go wrong. As a result, we don’t get to the critical step of actually taking action, no matter what the goal or activity was.

When we embrace living with purpose the act of worrying changes dramatically. When you know exactly what you want and have the passion to go after it, everything becomes clear.

You know what your first step is and then the next one after that. You get to work and start making progress. You keep going and keep working away to make sure you get done what you’ve set out to do. In the end, you simply don’t have time to sweat the small stuff and that’s a very good thing.

Most worrying is frankly pointless. It uses up brain space and energy that would be much better spent in taking positive, focused action toward your goals.

Now I admit – that doesn’t help much when you’re busy worrying about anything and everything. What will help is shifting your focus, your energy, and your passion to something more productive – your purpose.

When you find your purpose and make it an integral part of your life, you’ll simply be too busy to worry. The cure to too much worrying?  Taking massive action. Go do something that aligns with your purpose.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Start with something small that feels safe and easy. Getting that task under your belt will show you that your worries were truly unfounded and that you can push through them. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence.

Confidence is another great weapon against the paralyzing effect of worrying. Confident people don’t worry. With each action you take, you become a little more confident and a little less worried. Build on each success and keep working on your self-confidence.

Keep focusing on why the things you do are important to you and why you embraced a particular purpose. Focusing on how it is helpful to others is another great tool that will help you push through and start taking action. That in turn builds confidence and decreases worries.

Before you know it, you too will be too busy to worry because you’re taking positive, focused action toward living a purpose driven life.

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