Day 27: Your Loved Ones Will Benefit From A Purpose Driven Life

By DSAdmin | Challenge

In yesterdays’ post we talked about how our work within  our communities can help manifest long-lasting, permanent change by living – ane encouraging others to live – a purpose driven life. Those changes can be small or large, and over time, they all add up.

We can make a difference.

Today I want to take a look at the impact living a purpose driven life can have on your loved ones.

You Set A Good Example
The most powerful thing about living your life with purpose is that you are setting a good example for those around you. Trust me, your kids are watching – so are your spouse, your family, and your friends.

Living a purpose driven life can be quite contagious. Start and see how much of an effect you can have on those around you.

In other words, not only will they benefit from what you do directly (by being more attentive and patient for example, or making an effort to spend more quality time with people important to you), they also benefit by being encouraged to live a more purposeful life themselves.

You’re More Confident In Yourself
As you start to live with purpose and see the impact even small acts can have, you’re more confident in yourself. As you gain self-confidence, you’ll start to feel more comfortable in your skin. You’re making a difference and live with purpose.

This in turn makes you a more confident parent, spouse, and friend. Your loved ones will benefit because you are no longer busy second guessing yourself. You’re taking massive action that benefits everyone.

You’re Happier And More Fulfilled
One of the big reasons self-confidence is so important is that it’s directly linked with how happy you feel. Add to that the fact that living a life with purpose is very fulfilling, and it’s no wonder that you are happier and more content once you start living with purpose and intention.

All this will, in turn, will make you a kinder and better person overall. Living a purpose driven life makes you a better parent, a better spouse, a better coworker and a better friend.

It has a positive impact on all the people who are close to you and who have an important part in your life.

Keep that in mind as you continue on this journey of living with purpose. Use it as motivation and encouragement on those days when things get hard and you’re ready to give up.

Don’t let them or yourself down.

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